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ALLKIT FM Transmitter & Handsfree Car Kit
ALLKIT FM Transmitter & Handsfree Car Kit
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Made By : CCA
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This AllKit model works as an FM Transmitter/Charger/HandsfreeKit for all dock port iPod models and iPhones as well as any device with a 3.5mm audio port. It Features a Digital FM frequency display neatly mounted on the top of the cradle. It also features a bendy Flexible Goose-pipe charging arm to allow you to easily mount this kit in any car with full adjustment. The ALLKIT also supports hands free speaking from your phone through your cars speaker system. You can also use the AllKit to transmit music from any 3.5mm MP3 player or smartphone with the included cable. It's the next step in FM transmitters!
Note: It will fit in devices under 1.5 inch to 2.5 inch.
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Fommy Product Review:

Overview: ALLKIT is a very small company, and one I havent even heard of until now, but they have come out of the gate strong with this car kit/FM transmitters for your iPod or iPhone.

Durability: I noticed nothing really standout in the durability one way or another. Its surprisingly sturdy, but given the nature of these products the most likely thing to wear out would be the neck if abused much. They have a tendency of snapping in the long run. Otherwise, if you treat if gently it should last a long time, there just isnt much here to break or wear out.

Design/Functionality: Its quite simple, you plug it into your cigarette lighter/power port on your car and it will simultaneously charge your phone while broadcasting the audio over your cars stereo system using a short range FM Transmitter. You just select a blank station on the top of the car kit and turn your cars radio dial to the corresponding station. In addition to just music, you can hear calls over the stereo system as well. As a cool bonus, the kit also has a USB out, letting you charge other devices as well.

If you dont wish to use the FM transmitter, you can also use a 3.5mm audio jack as well if your stereo has a line in. It may not be as wireless, but the audio quality was noticeably better compared to the FM transmitter.

The kit is really easy to install, you simply open the car kits grippers, insert your iPhone/iPod and close them, locking it into place. Then you just plug in the connected dock adapter, pick a station and go. When you want to release your phone fron the kits sturdy grip, you just push the button on the side.

Overall, Im quite impressed, especially how well the kit holds the phone in place using only a car adapter.

Conclusion: If youre looking for a great car kit to broadcast music from your Apple device, you cant go wrong with the ALLKIT FM Transmitter.

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